5 Benefits of Drinking White Tea

If you've not yet discovered white tea, then you're in for a real treat. This light and delicious drink is low in caffeine but packed with nourishing natural ingredients that support your health and well-being. White tea is made from the same leaves as green and black tea, but with white tea the leaves are only very minimally processed. The result is a drink that is packed with the good stuff, light in taste and perfect as a drink for any time of day.

Let's look at just five of the main reasons to buy white tea:

1) Buy White Tea for the Antioxidants

White tea is packed with polyphenols and catechins, which act as antioxidants and protect the body from the damaging effect of too many free radicals. These free radicals are produced in the course of our daily life, but an excess can result in inflammation and degenerative conditions. White tea helps to counter these free radicals with powerfully beneficial anti-oxidants which protect our entire system.

2) It Helps to Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors

Some research suggests that white tea can also reduce the risk of heart disease, which is a leading killer in the Western world caused by excessive inflammation in the body. Again, the polyphenols in white tea help to counter this. Some studies have suggested that just three cups of white tea a day could reduce the risk of heart disease by 21%.

3. White Tea Boosts the Metabolism

Trying to drop a few pounds? White tea helps to naturally boost the metabolism so that it ticks along faster and you burn more calories. Stoke the fire and keep active and you'll be supporting your overall well-being goals without chemicals or pharmaceutical products.

4. White Tea Helps Your Teeth


The catechins found in white tea may also help to protect your teeth by counteracting the harmful bacteria that lead to plaque build-up and inflammation in the gums. White tea also contains tannins, which work with fluoride to provide oral health benefits. As white tea provides all of these micronutrients in tiny doses, it can help to counteract the damaging effects of sugar in your mouth and protect your mouth - providing another useful tool in your regular arsenal of toothpaste and floss!

5. White Tea May Help to Prevent Skin Ageing

The antioxidants found in white tea are also believed to help counteract skin ageing by inhibiting free radicals, which lead to wrinkles, discolouration and lack of firmness. This helps to explain why white tea is also found in many topical skin ingredients for its calming, skin-supporting and inflammation-reducing properties.

Where Can You Buy White Tea?

You can now find white tea in some supermarkets, but if you buy speciality blends online from the Ministry of Tea you can discover superior organic formulations, delicious blends and beautiful products delivered directly to your door! Discover our range of delicious unusual teas now and broaden your taste horizons with blends available for all occasions.