An Introduction to Hemp Tea

If you are interested in health and wellness then you have probably already heard a bit about hemp and the health benefits that it offers. In fact, hemp is now used widely in a range of health and beauty products for its natural and gentle benefits. But what about hemp tea? It's time to discover more about this delicious and beneficial drink!

What is hemp tea exactly?

Hemp tea is derived from a different plant from typical black teas. It comes from the Cannabis sativa plant; a tall and bushy plant known for its beneficial compounds. Although hemp may be relatively new as an ingredient in the West, it has been used across the Indian subcontinent for over 10,000 years. And although it has had an association with the psychoactive compounds of cannabis, hemp itself has no such properties - only highly beneficial health and wellbeing benefits for mind and body.

The benefits of organic hemp chai

When you enjoy organic hemp chai or tea, you benefit from a natural infusion of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are only found in plants. Hemp tea also contains the wonder ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD), which is hugely popular in the natural health world. CBD helps with anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation and the symptoms of IBS. It also helps to relieve nausea. Some studies also suggest that it could also help to avoid seizures and other early research has suggested that it could improve heart health.

Naturally caffeine-free

One of the other benefits of organic hemp chai is that it is caffeine-free. This makes it a great choice for a drink before bed, and the natural CBD ingredients will help you to drift off and enjoy a better night's sleep.

How to enjoy hemp tea

Firstly, buy quality organic hemp chai to ensure the best possible quality tea. Organic varieties are not treated with chemicals, so the natural and beneficial compounds are preserved. Furthermore, when you buy quality hemp chai formulations you know that you are getting high-grade tea leaves that have been grown and treated to the best quality. As with black, green and white teas, there are different grades of hemp tea that are driven by farming methods, and essentially, you get what you pay for!

Invest in high-quality tea and you will benefit from organic, natural and pure ingredients - both in terms of the tea leaves themselves and any accompanying spices and flavours. You will also taste the difference as well as enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits.

To enjoy hemp tea, boil a kettle using filtered (or at least fresh) water. Place the tea leaves or tea bag in a teapot ideally, to enjoy more than one cup. Pour over the boiling water and allow the tea to steep.

When the tea is brewed, it can be drunk as it is or you can add a little sweetener of choice, such as some honey. Then simply inhale the sweet aroma and enjoy the benefits of this natural and health-giving tea.