Retail/Distributer Enquiries - sell our tea!

We are always looking for new outlets for our increasing range of products.
MOT Retail Distributors
Whether you are an independent café or retail store and would like to discuss direct to store delivery, or you are a distributor or food service company interested in buying our range of organic tea wholesale, please contact us here.
UK Retailers/Distributers:
Our teas are currently available in TK Maxx stores across the UK, as well as independent health food stores.
We supply our teas to CLF Distribution.
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European Distributers:
We supply a range of distributers across Europe, including countries such as Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, the Republic and Ireland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia.
If you are based in Europe and are interested in selling our teas, please contact us for more information.
If you are based in Europe and are interested in buying our tea, please see our international stockist's page.
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Rest of the World:
Our teas are currently available in the following countries:
✽ Canada
✽ Australia
If you would like sell our teas in a different country, or would like to know which retailers & distributers sell our teas in your country, please contact us.