About Us

Driven by the noble quest to create the perfect cup of tea, the Tea Meisters at the Ministry began brewing magic leaves and herbal concoctions for their own pleasure and delight. Fast forward a few years, many thousands of miles travelled and a veritable sea of tea tasted from old Bombay to Mandalay and, voila, the Ministry of Tea was born.


The Ministry of Tea is a family-run business, established in 2019 and based in North London. We believe in the principles of health, well-being and sustainable agriculture. We source the best quality, organic ingredients from around the world to create delicious concoctions made with love.

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Here at the Ministry, each blend has their own health benefit and and each packet tells it's own story. Whether you'd like a restful night with 'The Big Sleep' or to get fruity with our 'Berry Bliss Infusion', we have something delicious brewing just for you...

Breathe in the fresh air of the Himalayas with 'Sky High Tibetan Chai' or experience the vibrant tastes of India with 'Bombay Masala Chai'.

Taste the fragrant spices from the West Indies with 'Caribbean Ginger Spice Infusion' or get a breath of fresh air with 'Moroccan Mint Tea'.

With an array of flavours from the (not so) classic blends like the English Breakfast Tea, to the extra-ordinary Ayurvedic, Functional and Herbal blends, the Ministry now bring their passion for tea to you, in the UK, across Europe and beyond.

The things you do for a cracking cuppa...

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Have a beau-tea-ful day!