Cut Back Your Caffeine Intake by Drinking the Best Quality of Tea Online

Most of us view caffeine 'addiction' as a harmless pleasure. But the fact is, all of those cups of coffee - especially highly processed coffees which can be filled with chemicals, sugar, syrups and other sweeteners - may be doing us more harm than good.

Yes, a cup of 'real' coffee from organic beans is an absolute treat. When enjoyed once a day, black or with a little milk, it can become a lovely ritual. But too much caffeine negatively impacts our health. It sets our nerves on edge, makes our skin dull and stresses the body. Just check your heart rate after drinking several coffees and you may see it rise as the 'jitters' kick in. Too much caffeine negatively impacts our adrenals and can damage our insulin sensitivity. It's also incredibly dehydrating, so if you find yourself with a tension headache at the end of the day, it could be time to lay off your morning coffee for a bit, and buy tea online for better health benefits.

Why choose tea?

Buy tea online for the health benefits

Tea is reported to have some fantastic health benefits, ranging from better insulin sensitivity and heart health through to anti-ageing and helping with weight management. Those are some hugely powerful benefits from a humble leaf, so you know that you're doing something positive for yourself, while keeping an eye on your caffeine intake.

For energy without the slump

Yes, tea does contain caffeine but far less than a cup of coffee. So, you can drink more tea and enjoy the energy lift without overloading your adrenal system.

For the fantastic flavours

Even better, there are a huge range of quality tea blends to buy online, including white tea, green tea, black tea blends and herbal infusions. Try trendy Rooibos tea or turmeric tea, or wind down at the end of the day with a sleep tea.

For the versatility

From humble leaves come a variety of tea blends that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Try a classic breakfast tea or a green tea blend for breakfast, and perhaps bergamot scented Earl Grey for a mid-morning pick-me-up. When you fancy spicy, richer and warmer flavours, chai tea is a wonderful choice and you can either serve it plain or with a little milk and sweetener of your choice. Experiment to see what you prefer!

For the quality

We only sell the highest quality tea blends, using organic leaves from trusted tea estates. Our blends are carefully crafted to offer the finest tea in every cup, so you can be assured of all the benefits of your new favourite drink. Even better, this quality can be delivered directly to your door when you buy online - saving you time and hassle!

So when you buy tea online you are doing your health and energy a favour, and opening up a huge world of new taste possibilities too. Why not try a new tea experience today and broaden your horizons?