Organic Himalaya Green Chai: Tea from the Top of the Hills

If you're looking for a better tea experience then now is the time to broaden your horizons with some new blends. For example, have you ever tried Himalayan green tea? This tea is naturally fragrant and zesty, and it's traditionally enjoyed by hill tribes who live in the Himalayas.

Naturally hardy and known for their health and resilience, the Himalayan locals know that green tea offers a variety of benefits, as it is packed with natural compounds, flavanoids and catechins which help to preserve our health and wellbeing, without chemicals or additives.

Green tea has been touted as an important ingredient in the fight against everything from ageing to cancer, and its powerful benefits are being studied by scientists and added to all kinds of nutritional supplements. But you can enjoy the natural benefits in their organic, purest form when you buy organic green tea online at Ministry of Tea.

Enjoy the sensations when you buy organic green tea online

This green tea has been crafted into a spicy, fragrant chai blend to elevate your drink experience even further. Alongside organic and pure Indian green tea, our experts have added organic whole fennel (which is great for your digestion), organic lemongrass, organic cloves (which are well known for keeping the breath fresh), and organic ginger (which is great for a healthy circulation and digestive system).

To enjoy your Himalayan Green Chai in the best possible way, simply take a teabag from the box, pour over boiling water - making sure that it is freshly boiled - and allow the tea to infuse for up to five minutes. Everyone has their own preference for how strong they take their tea, so experiment a little until you find your perfect finish. As green tea leaves are lighter and less fermented than black tea, you may prefer to leave it in for less time, so that the light and fresh, delicate flavour remains at its best.

Why buy organic green chai from Ministry of Tea?

When you buy organic green tea online you get to experience some of the finest blends on the market, made by experts with a real passion for their craft. This is no mass-produced tea. Instead, we work with known and trusted tea estates to offer you the finest leaves, spices and herbs that we can find. Naturally, we only use the finest organic ingredients and we guarantee that our teas are all suitable for vegans and free from any nasty chemicals.

You will find a huge range of teas on sale in our web shop and we are constantly innovating to dream up new blends, whether you enjoy a hearty cup of English breakfast or a tantalising mug of richly spiced chai. Even better news, enjoy free delivery when you spend £20!

Elevate your tea today and discover our fresh flavours and expert blends at the Ministry of Tea - your first choice for a finer tea experience.