Five Premium Teas You Can Buy Online

Most of us enjoy a daily cuppa without a second thought, but if you're keen to expand your taste horizons and take a tea discovery journey, then it's time to up the ante by discovering premium teas.

The world of tea is fascinating and well worth exploring. Teas are hugely health-giving as well as tasting wonderful, and the flavours alone offer a huge variety, from light white teas through to more complex, spicy chai blends.

Why buy premium tea online?

When you buy premium tea online from the Ministry of Tea, you also get to experience the finest tea leaves and natural ingredients, made from organic, top-quality leaves without additives or chemicals.

We work with our growers to ensure that we only sell top quality teas for our customers in order to offer them a high-end experience. So when you buy premium tea online with us, you know that you are getting the best, and that you are supporting independent, artisan tea growers who are committed to delivering the highest standards too.

Discover these premium teas online

The range of teas available online is huge, but these are just five of our favourites:

Organic Earl Grey Tea

It's an absolute classic for a reason and this delicately flavoured, beautifully fragranced tea will always be a firm favourite with tea drinkers across the world. Enjoy the scent of bergamot, paired with the finest Indian black tea. Served classically from fine china, but working just as well in an oversized mug!

Organic Moroccan Mint Tea

This beautiful blend combines light and health-giving green tea with delicately dried organic mint leaves for a zingy and refreshing drink enjoyed at any time of day. Perfect to aid your digestion after a meal, this minty tea provides a natural pick-me-up.

Organic Bombay Masala Chai

Treat yourself to a warming, spicy taste sensation with this blend of organic tea, combined with organic cardamon, orange, ginger, cloves, anise and other secret ingredients concocted by our expert tea wallah! Allow your teabag to infuse for a few minutes to allow the spices to really permeate and then sit back to enjoy the vibrant flavours and colours of India - served by itself or with a little milk and sweetener.

Organic Mellow Vanilla Rooibos

This mellow drink combines the health-giving herbal rooibos leaves from South Africa with a soft natural vanilla essence for a delicate, comforting drink that smells as good as it tastes! Enjoy this for an enveloping sensation of comfort without the caffeine.

Organic The Big Sleep

Our tea alchemists have blended a natural sleep-enhancing drink that will help you to drop off when you need it most. Combining natural organic herbs such as chamomile, valerian, lavender and lemon balm, this is a delicate and soothing blend that will encourage those zzzs to follow!

Don't put up with a mediocre cuppa. Treat yourself to a better blend today! Which teas will you be tempted to try from our premium range at the Ministry of Tea?