How to Identify Premium Quality Green Tea?

When we buy organic green tea online we want to make sure that we are buying a quality product. After all, supermarkets and corner shops sell everyday green tea - so how do you ensure that you’re buying a quality product?

The trick to buying a premium blend of green tea that reflects quality is to identify the best possible green tea. Read on to know more the quality attributes of premium quality green tea clearly and correctly.

So, how do you find premium green tea?

The trick lies in using all four of your senses to assess the blends in front of you - and using the services of a reputable tea manufacturer of course! As your own knowledge and skills grow about the products you are looking for, you will become more confident about the hallmarks of a quality great tea. Since Ministry of Tea offers a wide range of flavoured green tea infusions, you can rely on us when it comes to identifying the best possible tea blends.

The hallmarks of premium green tea

Tea is generally processed in two ways, either via orthodox or CTC - cut, tear and curl methods. With CTC processing, tea leaves are processed into small pellets via a machine - usually for teabags where a dark and strong brew is required quickly. With long-leaf, or orthodox methods, the tea leaves are handled delicately so that they don't break and are rolled to retain the delicate flavours and volatile compounds. So, quality tea should resemble leaves, without lots of woody bits of stalks.

Look for dried leaves that very obviously resemble leaves - being sturdy, whole and smooth, with noticeable weight in your hand. Super light leaves may be old or over-dried. When steeped, quality leaves will feel smooth and slippery to the touch. Basically, they will look recognisably like leaves.

When it comes to the smell, you will always notice the wonderful aroma of a quality green tea - light, grassy and fresh. Great tea should be highly aromatic when it is a high-quality blend. You can buy organic green tea online from Ministry of Tea that offers wonderfully complex, rich, light and enticing flavours that are distinctly different from each green tea blend. If there is only a very faint aroma, then your tea may be of lesser quality or not particularly fresh. Think of basic supermarket tea which has the lightest aroma.

Buy organic green tea online to delight your senses

The best way to ensure you enjoy a premium blend of green tea is to buy organic green tea online from a trusted tea manufacturer. Quality tea manufacturers like us work with reputable tea estates to procure premium blends for our customers.

Contact us to find out more and learn how we can help you to identify and enjoy the best possible teas.