Ministry of Tea - Things to Know About the Idea behind the Brand

So you've discovered our brand at the Ministry of Tea, and you've already browsed our superb range of different speciality and artisan teas. But what should you know about the company and the idea behind it?

Why the Ministry of Tea?

Well, our retail brand exists to bring top-quality tea to as many people as possible. We want to show our customers that there is a huge world of exotic and varied teas just waiting to be discovered, with an array of flavours and health benefits. For those who only know the classic English cuppa, there is so much to look forward to as you explore the world of teas and order tea online, whether you are looking to energise, relax, enjoy health gains or simply to savour a flavoursome drink as a welcome pick-me-up.

How we started?

Our team began with the vision of blending the perfect cuppa - and our journey simply began as one of pleasure, brewing herbal concoctions and tea leaves to see just how sublime a drink we could make. But the dream evolved, and after years of travelling, tasting, learning and perfecting our methods, we formalised our passion into a new company; the Ministry of Tea, where customers can order tea online and embark upon their own tea journey.

Our range

We are now proud to offer a wide range of organic, top-quality teas with origins from all over the world. Perhaps you like to start the day with a classic English Breakfast or a fragrant Earl Grey. Maybe you wish to complement your yoga asana with life-affirming Ayurvedic blends or sample a taste of the Himalayas with some of our chai teas. Experience the colour and vibrancy of India with our Bombay Masala tea, enjoy fresh flavours after dinner with our Moroccan Mint tea, or elevate your perspective with our Sky High Tibetan Chai.

We also sell on-trend teas such as turmeric and hemp teas which are highly popular with health-loving customers who are looking to boost their wellbeing. Our fruit teas are fun and fresh, and our sleep teas are a wonderful way to enjoy a better night's rest with beneficial herbs and natural ingredients.

Our commitment when you order tea online

We work hard to source the finest ingredients in all of our teas and to only include organic leaves so that you don't have to worry about damaging pesticides or other chemical nasties. Our teas are filled with natural, carefully-selected ingredients from suppliers that we trust.

Our benefits

When you order tea online with the Ministry of Tea, you get to enjoy a huge range of expertly blended teas at excellent prices, and even better, we offer free delivery on all orders over £20. Follow us via our social media accounts to keep up to date with all of our news and special offers. Experience the Ministry of Tea difference today and enjoy a better cuppa - whether you try something entirely new and different, or revisit an old favourite.