Tea Time: the Best Times to Drink Tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Everyone has their own favourite blends and brewing methods. You can buy tea online, but then you need to decide how to make the most of it in the face of many different options. That includes picking the most appropriate time of day for your preferred drink.

Buy tea online, drink at your convenience

The reason to buy tea online is that it is a simple way to obtain many different teas. You can choose from a range of options including black, white and green. Once you have a stock of them, it is up to you how you consume them. Alternately, most cafes, restaurants and tearooms will have their own selection of teas to accompany different meals. Tea can warm you up, boost your energy and improve your mood.

Some advice is universal when it comes to drinking tea. Drinking on an empty stomach can damage your appetite and stop your digestive system from working properly. Green tea can even numb your tastebuds, so avoid it just before eating. Immediately after eating, however, tea could react adversely with your food. It is best to wait until about twenty minutes after a meal. Peppermint tea is particularly good for digestion.

Things to consider regarding different teas at different times:

Black tea

 This is the tea with the most caffeine, so you may want it first thing in the morning, just as people drink coffee to try to help them wake up. It is also the tea you are most likely to encounter when out and about, so having it with lunch or dinner makes sense, especially as it can stand robustly against most types of food. At colder times of the year, it can also offer a warming effect.

 White tea

White tea is the lightest kind and will cause the least problems with your stomach, even if you have not eaten. Indeed, drinking it without food means you can better appreciate the taste. That means that you can even drink it before breakfast, immediately after getting out of bed. It can also have a cooling effect, so it is good on a hot day.

 Green tea

 If you enjoy exercise, you may find green tea an excellent pre-workout beverage. It can help boost your energy levels and even help burn fat (as can oolong tea). It can also aid concentration when you need to keep working into the afternoon. Like white tea, you can also use it to help cool you when the weather is warmer.

Oolong teas

Lower in caffeine and therefore more relaxing, oolong can make a good evening tea when you do not want to be kept awake. Fruit and herbal teas are also ideal when your working day is at an end and you are looking to relax.

 There are many factors to consider when deciding the best time of the day to drink tea, but choose well and you could experience a whole range of benefits.