Organic Chocolate Pu-erh: A Luxurious and Cleansing Alternative to Other Teas

Customers are increasingly keen to try unique and specialist teas with high-end qualities such as organic ingredients or more unusual tea blends. There's nothing at all wrong with a cup of English Breakfast Tea, In fact, we are huge fans of a strong morning cuppa, but the world of teas is so large and so fascinating that it's well worth investigating some of the other options on offer, such as Organic Chocolate Pu-erh, which is one of the ultimate organic premium tea blends.

What is so special about organic premium tea?

When you buy organic premium tea, you have the peace of mind that comes from drinking the finest, untreated and unadulterated ingredients. Your tea will be exactly as nature intended - without any chemicals or unwanted additions. Instead, it will simply be a natural blend of the finest tea leaves, herbs and spices, with some natural flavours if indicated on the tea blend box. In short, tea just as nature intended.

Why should I try Pu-erh tea?

The chances are you may never even have heard of Pu-erh tea, let alone have sampled it! However, this ancient and health-giving tea is rapidly gaining a huge following around the world.

Also known as Chinese Black Tea or Arbre à Thé, Pur-erh tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. This is also the plant that makes the black, green and white tea blends that we know and love, and, again, it is the leaves and the stems that are used.

However, Pu-erh is different from other teas, because it undergoes a two-stage processing process. In the first, the tea leaves and stems are prepared in a manner similar to green tea, but then a second stage of fermentation is added, followed by 'ageing' in prolonged storage, under conditions of high humidity. This ageing process helps to improve the flavour.

By using quality organic premium tea, you can have peace of mind that your tea is of the highest quality and flavour. Some low-quality blends can become stale or taste mouldy because the tea has been poorly aged.

This tea is mainly produced in China's Yunnan district, and in some parts of the world, it is used as a medicine.

The health benefits of Pu-erh tea

This tea is lower in caffeine than many other teas and it is believed to have powerful health benefits that include cholesterol-lowering and beneficial stimulation of the central nervous system. It is packed with beneficial compounds and antioxidants which protect the heart.

Discover the chocolate flavour!

Even better, you can now enjoy Organic Chocolate Pu-erh, which is naturally cleansing, luxurious and highly enjoyable at any time. Enjoy the benefits of gentle system detoxification with the beneficial tea leaves and choose to enjoy exactly as you prefer - perhaps black with a little sweetener to further enhance the delicious flavour. However you enjoy this tea, you can look forward to discovering a delicious new flavour to your tea repertoire - with the health benefits to match!