The Benefits of Drinking Organic English Breakfast Tea

Most of us are looking for easy, practical ways to improve our health and wellbeing, but did you know that you can make instant benefits to your health from the minute you wake up?

If you have not tried organic English breakfast tea, it is time to have a taste of this refreshing and enriching drink packed with micronutrients and beneficial compounds.

Why drink tea?

Coffee may be the early-morning drink of choice for many, but its high caffeine content can leave our adrenal glands jangled and our hormones unbalanced. If you have experienced that 'shaky' feeling and/or headaches or insomnia, it may be that the high caffeine level of coffee isn't for you. If this is the case, why not look at tea?

The benefits of tea

Scientists are still working to understand the multiple benefits of tea. This drink has been popular for thousands of years, so it makes sense that it offers a variety of benefits to those across the world who enjoy it daily. Here are some of the proven advantages of enjoying tea, whether white tea, green tea, black or fermented:

- Anti-ageing

Tea is packed with catechins and antioxidants, which have a positive effect on your health. Tea is believed to help tackle the signs of ageing and to prevent a range of diseases, including cancer. Further research is now being carried out to understand more about this powerful drink.

- Metabolism

Tea also helps to increase your metabolism, which may make it useful in tackling your weight and keeping it at a healthy level.

- Inflammation

Research suggests that tea helps to tackle inflammation in the body, which can lead to everything from premature ageing through to chronic illnesses and diseases; for example, tea is proven to have a beneficial effect on heart health.


- Insulin sensitivity

This is a benefit that will be particularly interesting for diabetics, as tea helps to make your system more responsive to insulin and to prevent the damaging spikes in blood sugar levels that otherwise occur throughout the day.

- Oral hygiene

Tea has also been shown to help protect your mouth by strengthening your teeth and preventing the growth of damaging bacteria. This is because it introduces more beneficial bacteria that help to protect against cavities, gum disease and other issues.

- Gut health

Similarly, the polyphenols in tea have been shown to have a positive effect on your overall gut health. Gut health is a huge topic of interest to scientists, who believe that it may be responsible for everything to do with our weight and mental health through to our immune system.

- Hydrating

Tea has a useful amount of caffeine without overwhelming the system; what's more, it is refreshing and enlivening at any time of day. Even better, it has no calories and can be enjoyed in any way you like, such as with a splash of milk or a slice of lemon and sweetened or unsweetened to your taste.

How will you enjoy your organic English breakfast tea?