Expert Guidance: Best Ways to Brew a Good Cup of Tea

When you go to a tea shop or high-end cafe, you may notice that the service staff are paying particular attention to the temperature of the water and the process by which your tea is made. This is because top-quality tea needs to be made in a certain way to get the most out of the flavours. If you're ready to buy premium tea online for the flavour and the health benefits, then it makes sense to know how to perfect your prep process to enjoy the best results from your brew.

1. Start with the right tea


There is a strong argument to buy premium tea online because you'll automatically be getting the finest flavours and best quality leaves. Regular supermarket tea blends tend to have broken leaves or older ingredients. Premium teas are made with the finest leaves, organic spices, herbs and other flavourings and zero additives or chemicals. Choose quality and you're halfway there!

2. Choose the perfect mug

Now is the time to treat yourself to a mug that delights your senses. Perhaps you love bone china, or a solid pint mug? Maybe you love plain white or prefer a colourful pattern or inspirational message? There's no right answer here, but the right mug for you should spark joy and a smile. Make sure it's completely clean too before you brew up...your mug will look far more pleasing if you give it a good scrub and remove those tannins.

3. Use fresh water

Ideally use filtered water, but at the least, run the tap for a few seconds before filling your clean and limescale-free kettle. Oxygen helps the flavours in tea to develop so it's important that the water is as fresh and filtered as possible. When the kettle has boiled, allow it to rest for a couple of minutes before you pour the water over your leaves. Why? Because when you buy premium tea online you are buying the finest leaves - and boiling water will simply scald them and impair the flavour. Patience will reward you with a richer, smoother drink.

4. Read the brewing instructions

Every tea will have its own specific instructions with regard to brew time. More delicate teas such as Earl Grey (https://ministryoftea.com/products/organic-earl-grey-tea) or Lady Grey will only require a minute or two. Assam (https://ministryoftea.com/products/organic-english-breakfast-tea) and Yorkshire style teas may be left for longer. Follow the guidance and remove the bag immediately when your drink is prepared.

5. Buy premium tea online

Sit back, let your fingers do the work and treat yourself to a range of grade-A teas for the best possible drinking experience. Choose from a huge range that spans white, green and black tea, fermented tea and herbal blends that are often caffeine-free and ideal for after-dinner or before bed. There is a huge world of tea to discover and this ancient drink is packed with benefits for your mind and body, so invest in a little me-time and make tea time a regular part of the day.